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Driving a car, playing games, hiking, dancing, cooking and camping!

Version: 1.1.1

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▶ Play more conveniently!
• Bug fixes

App Description

Meet your friends from all over the world!
Here comes the metaverse where friends from all around the world can gather around!
Care to Play Together?

■The more the merrier! Let’s all play together!■
Jump into a series of minigames! The game continues until there is only one player left. Experience all of the minigames.
- Can't stop, won't stop! Enter the race and run through the town, the desert, and various environments!
- Careful not to get knocked out! Stay on the platform of rotating logs!
- He who wears the crown must bear its weight! Enter the crown game and be the one who finishes wearing the crown!
- Jump in and enjoy a total of 17 minigames with your friends!

■Customize your own unique character and your world■
Stand out from the crowd! Feel free to customize your own character with various costumes and accessories.
- There's all kinds of costumes in "Play Together"! You can become a duck, clown, astronaut, firefighter, and more!
- Ever wanted a house of your own? Live the dream in "Play Together"! Decorate your house with furniture and decoration items! Ordinary, chic, minimal, or even maximal!

■Gather around in Plaza! Welcome to the world of "Play Together"!■
The plaza is a place where you can eat, play, and shop in "Play Together"! You'll find yourself hanging out in the plaza all day long!
- From luxurious convertibles to old fashioned antique cars! It's time to buy a car and go out on a drive!
- Hang out with your gang in the plaza to double the fun! Have a dance battle, go on a camp, or even go on the Ferris wheel!
- Become the best fisherman! Go to the sea, lake, or pond for a prize catch!
- Romance starts at the beach! Ride the Ferris wheel to enjoy the night view and rest at the shore with the true love of your life.
- Wait! Don’t forget to clear all the quests at the plaza. There's much to do and every one of them is interesting!

■Time for school! Don’t miss out on the school minigames!■
You can earn money while attending classes at school. Just don't go to school at night! You might get in trouble!
- How about some role play? Who will be the freshman and who will be the cheer leader? You can become anything! Just be sure to put the right name tags on!
- Attend classes turn into minigames! Art, Math, and more! You will never be bored at the school!

■Take care of your cute and lovely pet!■
There are 27 kinds of pets to choose from! Choose from various cute cats, dogs, pigs, chicken, etc. and take good care of them! Go on walks or treat them with some premium pet care goods!
- The pets are smart! Teach them all kinds of tricks, such as “Come here”, “Jump”, “Bang” and so on! They're so adorable!

■Never feel lonely! There's lots you can do alone!■
Do you need some time to yourself? Treat yourself and your mind with loving kindness with various activities!
- Cooking is great! Stay at your cozy home and try cooking a meal that will lighten up your day!
- Trips can be refreshing! Hop on a bus or ride the hot air balloon and go off on an adventure! You can even go on a hike if you want!
- Climb up to the top! There may not be mountains, but there's still tall playground equipment you can climb! Practice your climbing skills until you become an expert at playground climbing!

[Please Note]
* Although Play Together is free, the game contains optional in-app purchases that may incur additional charges. Please note that refund of in-app purchases may be restricted depending on circumstance.
* For our usage policy (including policy on refunds & termination of service), please read the Terms of Service listed in the game.

※ Use of illegal programs, modified apps, and other unauthorized methods to access the game may result in service restrictions, removal of game accounts and data, claims for compensation of damages, and other remedies deemed necessary under the Terms of Service.

[Official Community]
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayTogetherGame/
* For game-related queries:support@playtogether.zendesk.com



▶ New content! Let's Play Together!
• New minigame: "Tower of Infinity"
• Added a new map/package/fish tank.

▶ Play more comfortably!
• Improved Message System
• Improved Vehicle passenger limit

You can check out the details at the Play Together Facebook page and from the in-game notice!


▶ New content added! Let's Play Together!
• Added a new content: Message/Gift System
• Added new NPC/package/pet/event

▶ Play more conveniently!
• Improved Desire quests/in-game currency balance/ controller/ Home Party

You can check out the details from the in-game notice!


▶ New content added! Let's Play Together!
• New content: Added "Forgotten Island"
• Added new packages/costumes/furniture

▶ Play more conveniently!
• Improved furniture usage issues / playing musical instruments
• Added languages: Spanish and Portuguese.
• Bug fixes

You can check out the details from the in-game notice!


▶ Play more conveniently!
• New language: German, French

You can check out the details from the in-game notice!


▶ Play more conveniently!
• Bug fixes

You can check out the details from the in-game notice!

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.4 / 5 - 65018 votes

by voiceless,The graphics are great and the customization is fantastic- though, there are a couple things that are kind of... annoying? I bought a different hairstyle and removed temporarily, and now I can't put it back on without buying it again. This doesn't happen with anything else you can customize and I don't quite get why it doesn't show up under everything else that is owned. Everything is needlessly expensive. Buying anything is a constant grind, and lots of fishing line snapping doesn't help.

by John Lemon,Overall the game is great, but there is only one issue. Even though I have a strong and optimal internet connection the game still malfunctions. Everytime I try to do something (e. claim a reward), it loads for a very long time and it takes me back to the loading screen. Please fix this and I'll rate this game 5-stars. Thank you and more power to you developers.

by Kairi,The game seems like a good new game. Its obviously very new so it's not polished. When fishing the fish sometimes swims under the beach or the rocks by the pond. I would also like if if there was an option to turn off all the online players beside friends or turn them off completely. That would make it easier for slower devices like mine to play the game without it crashing from all the people running around. Also all the home party invitations from strangers are annoying and slow down the game

by Amy Beckham,I love it. Its easy fun, totally customizable. Minigates are kinda slow sometimes, because you have to wait for others to finish after you do, but at the same time Its cool because you're "playing together" anyways. I really like the school during the day, the day and night schedule. Weather in the home neighborhood would be cool.. or seasons. I'm maybe more tk do with your pet?! Or games designed specifically for your pet. Maybe a fashion show or something like that.. or talent show thing idk.

by Mads Cake,First off, love the game. Super cute details & game play. But the controls are a little iffy. Its basically impossible to do the obbys in the park & campground. Never gotten all the way to the top. Also everything is so expensive. Its thousands of dollars to even get a cute outfit, let alone decorate your own house; that's a cardboard box bc everything else is too expensive to buy. You do get money from challenges & the daily and stuff but its so little. Not worth it if you want realer game play

Technical Details

CategoryCasual Games
AuthorHaegin Co., Ltd.
Latest Version1.1.1
CompatibilityAndroid 6.0+ (SDK 23)
Application IDcom.haegin.playtogether

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Play Together 1.1.1 (42015)

Added on: 2021-05-14

File Size: 87.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (SDK 23)

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Play Together 1.1.0 (41888)

Added on: 2021-05-12

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Play Together 1.0.12 (40976)

Added on: 2021-04-29

File Size: 73.5 MB

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Play Together 1.0.11 (39879)

Added on: 2021-04-13

File Size: 72.7 MB

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Play Together 1.0.10 (39436)

Added on: 2021-04-01

File Size: 72.1 MB

Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (SDK 23)

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Play Together 1.0.9 (39219)

Added on: 2021-04-11

File Size: 72.1 MB

Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (SDK 23)

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