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Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game

Version: 3941.4.4

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Latest updates

What's new in version 3941.4.4

• Improved load time
• Improved FPS
• Reduced memory use
• Reduced app size

App Description

Stickman fighting that feels real, with big hits and ragdoll knockouts.

Two button controls, with a surprising amount of depth, and moves.

Single king-hit knockouts make each round tense, quick and brutal.


• Single player campaign
• Two button controls
• A surprising amount of moves for two buttons
• Fighting that feels real
• Easy to play, hard to master
• Two Player, same-device multiplayer



Bug fixes


Initial Android release

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.8 / 5 - 1787 votes

by Chin Ee Koh,Great game!Also, if it wont dowload, thats actually theyre problem, its a great and fantasic game!Decent graphics, decent gameplay, customization, skill, multiplayer, story mode, theyre atill adding more too!Cant wait!I rate 4, only thing missing is online, but a couple days, im sure theyll add it in the game, ill update the review if they do.

by In The Spotlight,The adds are so common that its not even funny at this point. Everytime you complete a battle and move on to the next, add! Sometimes when you lose and are ready to try again, add! Also the bottom of the screen, WHEN YOU ARE FIGHTING, there will be a little bar with an add on it, so when ever I click too low while double tapping forward or backward, I get exited out of the app, and am now on a site I didn't want to be on! Three stars because although the game is fun, the adds take up gameplay.

by Zachary Doroja,Really cool game i like how the combat style and it is easy to play and fun to play with other friends but in face-to-face. I like how you can costomize your character skin color and ad belt and tattoos. But maybe ad a lock joint at the character when get ragdoll or get hit at the head because when they got hit the just all of there body has break its bone.

by Yes Yes,This game is amazing, let me tell you what to expect; the controls are easy to handle the difficulty increases and a good rate the game does have alot of ads but by turning off your WiFi you should be good and lastly It does take long to load but how good the game is the loading does not matter. That's it I highly recommend you install the game as I said before it is amazing

by Apple thief,Ok, first thing I do when i see an interesting game, I look at the reviews, it's pretty bad looking judging by non botted responses. I tried it out, 1 it's not that hard, I get the controls. 2. The adds yes, they're pretty excessive. 3. Difficulty, ehhh kinda hard but I can beat em. 4. Good idea, even the one idea of a dummy giving you coins is unique. I'll give 3 stars. Not 5 because it's not THAT good but it's still fun.

Technical Details

CategoryAction Games
AuthorCybernate Pty Ltd
Latest Version3941.4.4
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+ (SDK 21)
Application IDcom.Cybernate.SlapstickFighter

Older versions

Slapstick Fighter 3941.4.4 (12)

Added on: 2021-03-03

File Size: 23.8 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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Slapstick Fighter 3941.4.3 (11)

Added on: 2021-02-14

File Size: 69.9 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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Slapstick Fighter 3941.4.2 (10)

Added on: 2021-02-08

File Size: 69.9 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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