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Application for helping people with disabilities - interface for the wards

Version: 0.7.8

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What's new in version 0.7.8

Calendar and bonuses are added.

App Description

VitalSpecial is the best application that was created specifically to help people with disabilities. The main idea is to track the user's phone and determine his overall health. It will be useful for a family in which there are people with mental disorders, or disabled persons. Using the application, you can track the location of the phone and get the GPS coordinates of your relatives with a disability (autistic, with Down syndrome, partial memory loss, stroke, etc.). This family locator displays the location of relatives on request. Thanks to it, the trustee will be able to find out where the ward is, to track his/her movement and exact location. The main function here is not to track the user's phone, but to clarify his state of health. You can also make an emergency call from the application.

Main idea:
Wards often seek independence, and their relatives cannot always be close. Social adaptation of disabled people, people with disabilities implies free movement, but the wards still need help. This mobile app was specially adapted for the disabled people to meet their needs and establish communication with trusted people. In addition, user can track their movement and find out a map location, monitor the status of the mobile device, control incoming and outgoing calls and limit the device’s functions (using media files, playing games, etc.).

Main features:
— GPS-tracker. It allows relatives to determine the coordinates and track the ward’s location;
— Alarm button. The synchronized smartphone gets a notification, which will determine the exact location in the case of threat;
— Emergency situation mode. Special sound and visual signals draws attention and at the same time device sends a message to the relatives where they can locate and contact user;
— Reminders. There are special daily routine notes, missed call notifications with caller’s number or a low battery messages;
— Restricting access to some smartphone files (optimal ward mode). The ward won’t gain access to any media files, games, and so on;
— Electronic business card. A non-verbal ward can present himself.
— Setting up the main screen of the ward's phone for his needs from the phone of the trustee;
— History consisted from events such as "emergency calls", calling the emergency screen, critical battery low, SOS button.

Who needs to track the phone:
VitalSpecial is not a simple phone tracking, but a real help for special people. It is the optimal app aimed at tracking the phone, which gives a summary of disabled people’s geolocation. The development team has created a GPS tracker which will help if a person suffers from such ailments:
- Autism, RAS, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, ZPR;
- Down's disease;
- disorders of the motor sphere, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, apraxia;
- Alzheimer's disease, people with partial memory loss, dementia;
- visually impaired and so on.

It is also convenient for use by the whole family, if there are people in it belonging to one of the above categories. Parents can monitor ward’s way using a GPS tracker, and do not worry that the ward’s geolocation won’t be determined. Such control allows you to give your ward some kind of freedom and, at the same time, to secure of the movement, if you know where he or she is. A usage of special family group helps to keep in touch with all its members.

Technical Details

CategoryParenting Apps
AuthorHendz Software
Latest Version0.7.8
CompatibilityAndroid 2.3+ (SDK 9)
Application IDone.team.kid

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VitalSpecial 0.7.8 (1)

Added on: 2020-08-01

File Size: 23 MB

Compatibility: Android 2.3+ (SDK 9)

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