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Can you escape the maze?!

Version: 1.0.0

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What's new in version 1.0.0

"No-ads" bug fix
Other bug fixes

App Description

Guide your funny and cute hamster through the maze full of obstacles.

Climb stairs, balance on swing, crawl over balls, roll through tubes and pass many other funny and interactive barriers. Nothing can stop you on your way to the desired food! Lead the hamster with intuitive one-hand control and enjoy the funny animations of your pet.

Customize your hamster however you want! Rescue the hamsters to choose them. Change their clothes, accessories, hats and even moustache. Combine them to get the most stylish or the funniest hamster. Progress through the game to unlock even more customizations.

Feel the speed and the freedom of the flight with the new glider gameplay.

Jump into a pool full of soap bubbles to ride one and reach the higher places.

Can you beat the obstacle course and escape the maze?

No hamster was harmed during the development of this game!



- "no-ads" bug fix
- performance optimization

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.2 / 5 - 20807 votes

by XxPanda and SamxX,Awsome. it really is! The concept is cute and the controls are easy but there are a lot of adds when you unlock acc, objects, etc. But the thing is, it might be because of how old my device is but, I cant unlock new hamsters. When I press "Help" It does nothing. Please fix that. Other than that, it's a really adorable game and I love that they made the ears and nose move. It makes it look almost surreal/realistic

by crazy person,Hello! I really like this game. But, I have an idea for a update - how about you add multiplayer? Basically, you need to be (insert any level) to go to multiplayer. In multiplayer you can have 5 players max, and you will need to get to the Finnish first. First place gets the reward of 1,000,second gets 500,and third gets 300. Also, you can't push other people!

by Mya Mccrory,I would give this game a 5 stars but when I got to level 35 I quit the game because. When I tried to go up the ladder after the bubble part it glitched every time so I couldn't keep going. So I'm not really a fan of the game anymore. I tried and tried. And there is an invisible wall. 😭 I'm mad at this and I don't want that glitch anymore please fix it before I install please!!! I love the game but I don't wanna quit so please fix that glitch. Level:35 part:after bubbles :my rage out of 10:10

by GalaxyCat117,at first I thought this would be an add simulator game but this is super freaking adorable! I'm probably biased because I love hamsters, but I think this is an amazing game! I love that the developers even made the hamsters nose and ears move, i love the lil puzzles you have to get your hammer through and the accessories, Dont even get me started on the accessories, They make your hamster like 3 times more cuter! if I could rate more then 5 stars I would.

by Adele Edinborough,I liked the game, and I was obsessed for a while. However, after playing for a day or two I noticed that the levels were extremely repetitive and I had unlocked all skins, clothes and accessories. On the other hand, brilliant game, but please add more skins and more challenging levels!

Technical Details

CategoryAdventure Games
AuthorZPLAY Games
Latest Version1.0.0
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+ (SDK 21)
Application IDcom.armnomads.hamstermazer

Older versions

Hamster Maze 1.0.0 (5)

Added on: 2021-04-17

File Size: 37.8 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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Hamster Maze 0.4.0 (4)

Added on: 2021-03-24

File Size: 35.6 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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Hamster Maze 0.3.0 (3)

Added on: 2021-03-19

File Size: 37.1 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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Hamster Maze 0.2.0 (2)

Added on: 2021-03-17

File Size: 37.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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Hamster Maze 0.1 (1)

Added on: 2021-03-12

File Size: 37.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+ (SDK 21)

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