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Virtual god mobile game to practice love is officially available in Vietnam!

Version: 1.0.5

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App Description

Open a new server and give away valuable rewards, your love training path will not be lonely! Free admission to Sun Wukong, Ngao Binh, Au Co, easy crossing! "Master, let us help you collect monsters and destroy ghosts!"

Since ancient times, the three realms of six paths have lived together in harmony here. Before long, the monsters' power gradually expanded, they wanted to dominate this land. Wherever they went, they killed the people there, the scenery was ruined, there was no life. Since then, the practice of love master was also born. They go all over the world to conquer youkai, fight the darkness and protect the peace of this world!

【Train the Ten Thousand Demons , Wind Angel】
Van love lurks everywhere, the three realms of extreme chaos. Fortunately, in this world of purgatory there appeared righteous people, constantly overcoming demons, fighting demons, sacrificing peace for the three realms, and deified.

【Vietnamese mythology is present】
Vietnamese mythological general cards appear consecutively, Lac Long Quan, Au Co, Thuy Tinh, Son Tinh, and mysterious divine general cards are waiting for you to discover, your combat strength increases by 100%!

【Arranging the PK formation is extremely powerful】
Youkai listen to orders! Super cool skill effects, magnificent transformation moves, full power to fight! Tactics increase or decrease based on your squad arrangement and champion position! How to beat BOSS? How to win the opponent's squad? Youkai are waiting for you to tame!

【1 finger touch lightly, super benefits】
Light the screen, equipment, gold coins, diamonds instantly on hand! There is no pressure to nurture youkai! Auto plow game mode, offline also get the whole experience, super fast level up already!

【Fusion of Love, Surprisingly Continuously】
"Little monster, is it you again?" "Master, give us the opportunity to follow you!" Small monsters that appear many times are not wasted, trying to combine them will get SSR general cards! Unique monster-nurturing skills!

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Rating: 4.8 / 5 - 177 votes

by Siêu Nhân Sịp Xanh Biển,Nice

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CategoryRole Playing Games
Authortth games
Latest Version1.0.5
CompatibilityAndroid 2.3+ (SDK 9)
Application IDcom.vnlyk.vn

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Added on: 2021-04-30

File Size: 93 MB

Compatibility: Android 2.3+ (SDK 9)

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