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National level [TV] Fair Princess classic back!And Swallow, crape myrtle, Wu Age, Kang together relive those years of "Pearl" classic


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App Description

National level [TV] Fair Princess classic back!
And Swallow, crape myrtle, Wu Age, Kang revisit "Pearl" classic, as well as "when, dream, one of the girls' and many more familiar theme music, but also to reproduce the brilliant pearl in the world!

The game features ----- -----
[Red] classic companion to relive Pearl
In the folk around the temple Ama coincidence, but also to Wuhui, Booty Genei seize treasures will Binlou in; unlocking Arts team in the harem swallow, Elsa dress costumes contest, Mother club to win the suit and so on , and Swallow, crape myrtle, Wu Age, Kang, Rong Momo revisit "Pearl" classic!

[Friends holding hands to make the palace]
And Swallow, crape myrtle together to join the family in the game, make a group of like-minded friends, to join hands battles Pearl world.

[Unlock] fashion fashion show court
Elsa dress unique system that allows you to enjoy the imperial tour of inspection Aifei treatment go hand in hand, but you will follow was a delightful little maidservants or become old Mother, looking at you with the skills! One hundred kinds of fashion, with ten million kinds, collected "Fashion Dust" to develop in the game and enjoy the fun.

[The court drama spoof of new material added]
"Queen Goddess, help slaves ah!" Ruthless Rong Momo, was swallow even a pedestrian with a silver needle was Jiaoteng, Kang handsome man transformed into a big nostrils effort, unexpected new materials drama, staged most prank court spoof!

[Flowers to create lasting bonds happy harem]
"Mountains edge, of Heaven, and the king must dare!" Yearning Kang and crape myrtle touching love story? Put the most satisfactory head and dress in the game can chat, flowers, and his beloved / she together to create a dream home.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.3 / 5 - 5560 votes

by Lim June,为什为什么登入不了

by kain yew,遊戲常常會卡,如果這問題處理掉會更好

by A Google user,我在选人物时,提示:不是新玩家,无法选择

by Qiang Liang,为什么这个游戏只可以送耐力,不能送体力 还有一个问题。。为什么只有永琪是橙色的不是红色的??

by Sally Seow,太烂了不让我跟新一跟新就咔

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CategoryRole Playing Games
Latest Version1.1.1.24
CompatibilityAndroid 2.3+ (SDK 9)
Application IDcom.a.one.hz

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