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Fix for SMS send failures

Version: 1.1

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What's new in version 1.1

v1.1: Retry a few times if the SMS database is locked by another app.

App Description

If you experienced failure to reply to SMS, you probably need this application to avoid having to delete the received SMS messages in order to successfully reply.

NOTE: since the recent Android 4.4 releases (for example CyanogenMod 11) you may have to go in Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Guard (or equivalent App Ops feature) and push for a few seconds on the SMSFailFix slot in order set "Write SMS DB" to "Allowed" (as shown in the third screenshot). This app will not be effective if "Write SMS DB" is set to "Denied" (i.e. the default setting in CyanogenMod 11). After allowing "Write SMS DB" you may want to start the app just once, like if it was the first time you run it after installing it. The procedure described in this paragraph to allow "Write SMS DB" takes only a few seconds and it works fine on CyanogenMod 11. Android versions older than 4.4 don't require this procedure.

Android doesn't always use the correct Service Center number configured in your phone to deliver your SMS. Android can use erratic information included in the received SMS to override the Service Center number configured in your phone. That tends to systematically fail with certain carriers, especially when replying to foreign numbers or while travelling abroad.

This app should be launched once after installing it and then you can forget about it and everything will just work fine.

On the first launch it informs you if it had to adjust any SMS that could have been preventing you to reply to SMS. After the first launch you should already be able to successfully reply to SMS.

After the first launch the app runs automatically only during message reception and you don't need to manually launch it anymore.

The only way to disable it is to uninstall it.

All this app does is to clear the problematic information stored in the SMS database that could lead to an override of the Service Center number. It guarantees you that only the Service Center number configured in your phone will be used to send SMS. This sounds safer regardless if you ever had SMS delivery failures or not.

The problematic specification (that this app disables) is described in the Android source as "rule from TS 23.040 D.6".

This app is open source and released under the GPL version 2.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.5 / 5 - 148 votes

by Eero Martinez,I have a Verizon boot locked Note2, can't set the message centre for sms. For some reason Verizon removed it or won't allow me to access it. Kept getting message fail... installed this app, no more problems! Thanks!

by Brian Bigham,My texts used to fail when sending. I could still receive texts but they were getting sent through the wrong paths. I guess this can happen when using a phone built for one carrier and a service from another. Anyways, problem solved. Tech support didn't even know. Thanks, Andrea.

by Eric Brown,I was skeptical that this would actually help retrieve texts that weren't being downloaded, but it totally works! I was able to download all my texts that are normally not able to be downloaded.

by Luz marie,I was about to return my phone to the seller since it seems impossible to send sms, i can only receive. and i found this app. What a great relief! Thank you so much!

by leshun Davis,Spent hours on Google trying to find a solution searched Google your app came up gave it a try and it worked stress is relieved. Thank you!

Technical Details

CategoryCommunication Apps
AuthorAndrea A.
Latest Version1.1
CompatibilityAndroid 1.6+ (SDK 4)
Application IDcom.aa.smsfailfix

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SMS Fail Fix 1.1 (2)

Added on: 2013-01-26

File Size: 11.7 KB

Compatibility: Android 1.6+ (SDK 4)

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