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Challenge your Tower Defense game with top action and strategy now!

Version: 1.4.8

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App Description

Monsters are gathering now. A bolt of arrows! Colorful magic! Powerful Explosion! Time of battle is back.
Build a defensive line with a powerful tower and defend your kingdom. The destiny of the kingdom lies in your hands.
Play the best-selling Tower Defense game of Defense now for free

[game features]
- 25 maps created with various themes
- Three modes to test limits
- Five bosses to stop you!
- 12 basic towers and 9 special towers to increase strategic choice
- Colorful magic support to eliminate enemies!
- 15 strong upgrades to defend your persistent enemy attacks
- Check your global ranking in infinite mode
- Support with fast forward function.
- Challenge mode support
- Android tablet support

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Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.3 / 5 - 137474 votes

by Rafael Rodrigues,What an awesome game! It entertained me for months, or maybe an year, and I never got tired of it. Sometimes you'll get stuck in a difficult stage and think it cannot be beaten, but I guarantee that you'll pass with the right strategy. Congrats for the creators! And thank you for releasing this great game.

by M Nguyen,Like some aspects of the game, but parts could use an overhaul. 1. The game doesn't rotate. 2. You can't set how towers shoot as you can in other TD games (closest, highest HP, lowest HP, for ex.) 3. It doesn't tell you a number for shooting speed. You get a generic rating of fast or slow with modifiers. 4. It gets horribly expensive and grinding after about level 15. You need money and gems for everything and the levels don't ramp up the money you get. Poorly balanced.

by Dakota Morrison,I am enjoying this game a lot. Especially how it allows a wide variety of random upgrades. The only thing that is a little dissapointing is that the placements are already decided and are limited. So i can't enjoy just a storm of bombardments by multiple towers. But other than that it has a lot to offer in enjoyment.

by Mike Blake,Good, but a blatant rip off of Kingdom Rush and they don't even try to hide it. Another shameful copy, but entertaining enough for free.

by avinillara,Some of the ads won't close even after its played out. Have to watch too many ads to upgrade or grind out on endless challenges to get coins. I've only played for a couple of weeks and am already stuck for coins to upgrade. Can't win higher levels without upgrades. Its a pay to win game.

Technical Details

CategoryStrategy Games
Latest Version1.4.8
CompatibilityAndroid 4.1+ (SDK 16)
Application IDcom.mobirix.towerking

Older versions

Tower Defense King 1.4.8 (20121400)

Added on: 2020-12-29

File Size: 37.4 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)

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Tower Defense King 1.4.7 (20092800)

Added on: 2020-10-05

File Size: 37.1 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)

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Tower Defense King 1.4.6 (20091500)

Added on: 2020-09-29

File Size: 37.1 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)

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Tower Defense King 1.4.5 (19121300)

Added on: 2020-05-22

File Size: 43.9 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)

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Tower Defense King 1.4.4 (19121000)

Added on: 2019-12-11

File Size: 43.7 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)

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Tower Defense King 1.4.3 (19111100)

Added on: 2019-11-21

File Size: 43.6 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)

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