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SMS forwarder. Automatic forwarding of texts to your email or another number

Version: 4.190

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Latest updates

What's new in version 4.190

⁕ POST to URL bug fixes & improvements especially in Tasks
⁕ Home screen now shows total number of Tasks you have currently ON.
⁕ Improvements in HELP & easier bug reporting
⁕ Text tidyups

App Description

Automatic SMS forwarding to your email, another number or selected numbers.

Auto Forward SMS will automatically forward incoming texts to your email or another number. It can also on-forward only specific numbers to contacts you choose.

NOTE: This is NOT a spy app. It cannot 'get' SMS from another person's phone.
Also, app doesn't work on Oppo.

We update our app continuously & offer you free support. Any issues please reach out for speedy help!

Also 2 optional in-app subscriptions:
Reply From Email - Reply to a forwarded SMS from Gmail. The app converts your reply back into an SMS "FROM" your mobile number.
Reply From Phone 2 - Reply to senders FROM your other Android phone!
✪ ✪ more info below.

• Automatically forward incoming SMS to your email
• Forward SMS to your 2nd phone
• Create Tasks to forward SMS from SPECIFIC numbers to specific people
• Forward SMS to an API, SMS forward to a URL, forward text messages to your server

• Original SMS sender details are appended to the forwarded SMS.
• Handles word-based senders (NOTE: some countries block word senders)
• Low Battery Alert at 15%
• Keyword filter
• Missed Call Notifications

• Block SMS forwarding from certain numbers
• Pre-pend words to the start of the message before it forwards
• ON/OFF toggle of FWD ALL INCOMING SMS & TASKS if you need to pause
• App doesn't need to be left open as it runs in the background

**IMPORTANT: Please allow app to Run In Background, and is NOT Optimized for power saving. The app needs internet connection for email, post & reply functions.

Tap HELP in the app or: support@autoforwardsms.com

We offer you free VIP support. If you encounter a problem, our team is standing by to help you. We can usually fix problems or we'll refund you.

Please read on for more app info:

• Install app on the phone you need to forward SMS FROM
• Cannot fwd images or MMS but you will receive an alert
• Cannot fwd calls
• Cannot retrieve messages from another phone, nor spy
• Your app-enabled phone needs to be on & able to receive/send SMS
• You will need wifi/internet connection for email or URL forwarding
• View in/out SMS in your phone's default message app (where you normally view SMS)

✪✪ OPTIONAL: Reply From Email in-app subscription
- Allows 2-way chat between SMS & Gmail
- Have SMS forwarded to your email
- Reply to original senders from your Gmail. App converts your replies back into an SMS
- Your replies to original sender will show "FROM" your mobile number, so they won't know it's from your email
- Conversation is grouped in Gmail
- Handy if you prefer email for managing SMS (we use it ourselves! Convenient when phone is on charger!)
- Great for storing copies of text messages for business or legal reasons in your email
- Handy for travel as you can leave phone at home (in safe location) and receive and reply to SMS from Gmail
- Copy of the SMS chat is also stored on your phone
- Absolutely no data is stored on our servers

✪✪ OPTIONAL: Reply From Phone 2 in-app subscription
- You need to install App 2 PAIRING on your Phone 2 (Android)
- Like a 'remote reply'!
- Has its own Message screen.
- You can also SHARE conversations to your email address or store on your phone
- Sender's SMS goes to Phone 1, then forwarded to your Phone 2. Then you can reply from Phone 2. The Sender only sees Phone 1 number
- Your Phone 1 is your "public" number. Keep your Phone 2 number "private"
- Full instructions in App 1
- NOTE: Phone 2 must be Android

• IN APP :Tap HELP button in app.
• EMAIL: support@autoforwardsms.com .
• FAQ PAGE: https://autoforwardsms.com/FAQ-autoforwardsms.html .
• VIDEOS & USER GUIDE: https://autoforwardsms.com/info.html .

Developed by SMS Response Australia. In business since 2001.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.6 / 5 - 114 votes

by RunRun,I use it to forward sms from old phone to my new Android phone. No problems.

by A Google user,Works fine for us. We use it to forward customer service queries from our company mobile phone to our email address

by A Google user,The customer service was great but the app was very inconsistent on sending the replies I wrote from my second phone. It also was inconsistent on forwarding the text messages to my Yahoo account.

by Godluck Akyoo,This app is not working I just wasted my money here. Can't forward message to api

by Lachlan Messner,Fantastic app to address the issue of MFA codes only available via SMS.

Technical Details

CategoryProductivity Apps
AuthorSMS Response (Aus) Pty Ltd
Latest Version4.190
CompatibilityAndroid 2.3+ (SDK 9)
Application IDcom.kerryn.autoforwardsms

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SMS Forwarder to your email or another number 4.190 (1)

Added on: 2018-12-11

File Size: 2.9 MB

Compatibility: Android 2.3+ (SDK 9)

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