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EVP Finder : Experience The Paranormal With REAL Effective Spirit Box !

Version: 5.0

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App Description

EVP Finder - REAL EVP Spirit Box, designed based on most advanced and complicated ITC technology, using the classic spirit box form that anyone can easily use and trust, to capture real time paranormal activity.

EVP Finder creates random noise, generated from multi-layers of audio frequencies. Each frequency is carefully chosen and proven to work effectively for capturing EVP. Such as white noise, brown noise, pink noise, natural sounds. ( NEW in version 4.0 : Reversed Speech Audio. ) All randomly generated and mixed before being produced by the software to create different levels of sounds, that spirits or any paranormal entity can manipulate to be able to speak and communicate.

How to use EVP Finder ?

For best results, use any audio/sound recorder, start EVP Finder and ask your questions. Wait few seconds to receive answers, after your session is ended, close the software and listen to your recorded audio file.

It would be very helpful if you could edit the audio file with any audio editing software to enhance the recorded material and examine it. It's also recommended that you use external speakers if possible.

EVP Finder was designed to be extremely simple and easy to use by anyone. We want you to completely focus on your session while the software attracting and magnifying EVP messages for you. You can start using it once it's downloaded and installed, anytime, anywhere.

EVP Finder is not a prank app or a toy. Please use it carefully and don't forget to share your results!


Side note and a message : I’m not trying to force my beliefs on you in any way. But I feel in my heart that I have to say this to you. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding…The spirit box is a tool we use to communicate with an unseen realm. We don’t know who or what we’re communicating with. We can believe what we want, but until this moment, according to my knowledge, we have no way to really know..

At the same time, all around the world, there is a spiritual awakening happening. It is my fear for you, that the spirit box would be used to fight this spiritual awakening. Please use this tool carefully. Be aware of the fact that whatever comes from it, could be good or evil. If it’s evil, it can use it to win your trust and faith in it, whatever it takes.

I’m releasing this tool to you, for one purpose only, so you can see for yourself, that there is more than the material world in existence. That what we call spiritual realm, does exist. Use it and have fun with it but don’t let it be used against you. Thank you



Additional Sound Frequencies

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.0 / 5 - 337 votes

by Zoe Felix,I'm not sure if this is suppose to happen, but I installed it, and started my (stock tablet) voice recorder to record sessions. first time was random words and static. my hubby got home from work so I put in headphones and hit record. let me tell u....I am genuinely freaked out! I heard our voices of him asking me who I was speaking with, and the tv. but there are words from spirits. clear as day. the app could be faintly heard but these voices are HERE. good job, a little too good if ya ask me!

by Jaimy Alcorn,For starters, this app really works! My mom passed away on Halloween last year. Since it's around that time of year I decided to try and find an evp/spirit box app to try and communication with her. Within the last hour I've downloaded and tried many different apps with no success(mostly fake or joke apps) so when i came across this one i didnt expect it to work. I opened the app(and honestly i was a little scared because I've been watching ghost stuff for the past few days lol) and the very first thing i heard come through was the word WUSS! Which my mother would call me ALL THE TIME when id get scared... And the second thing that came through, i very clearly heard my name. I haven't asked any questions yet to officially try and communicate with her or other spirits, but if I get the same(or better) results I will change my review to 5 stars. :)

by Duncan White,Although I do hear voices, seemingly one female and multiple males, I cant make out what is being said because of extreme foreground static. I am a total believer in the existence of afterlife and the presence of spirits around us and have had numerous experiences of sound, sighting of spirits, as well as couple of interactions with what (on those occasions) I was unaware was anything but a living person until shortly after the interaction ended. Nonetheless I remain extremely skeptical when it comes to apps like this. I would very much like to have confidence in belief that what I hear via this app is real but honestly, I'm not convinced. It would be helpful if there were a control built into the app that would allow adjustment to quieten or finetune static so I could hear better what the voices are saying as that would allow me to better determine authenticity based upon what is being said and how statements/messages resonate with me on a personal or verifiable level. Is this something you could build into the app?

by ATrain ETV,I think think this actual works great for an app. I used it for 2 of my videos.... most recent screaming bridge at river legacy park check it out on youtube search ATRAIN ETV. Location in arlington reported haunted. I actually got a response. It would be nice if the app actually allows you to record your session then play back to hear what was said. In my case I actually used a digital EVP recorder to play back and listen to what I heard. NOT EVERYTHING YOU HEAR IS GONNA BE A SPIRIT COMMUNICATN

by Thistruthisfree,i was a little scares to try because i know mostly if not all are demons communicating and i turned it on just to listen to see if i heard anything and the very first thingbi heard was my name!!! i do not have a common name! please be careful when using this app. You dont want to get a spirit attachment. God bless.

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CategoryLifestyle Apps
AuthorWhite Light EVP
Latest Version5.0
CompatibilityAndroid 1.6+ (SDK 4)
Application IDappinventor.ai_MAdelSelim.evp_finder

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