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With your Digital Operator, wherever you are, your Turkcell is there!

Version: 14.0.1

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What's new in version 14.0.1

Digital Operator with new design, user friendly features!
· Access the functions easily, complete quickly
· Advantageous tech shopping on Turkcell Pasaj
· New Packages screen

App Description

You can easily perform any transaction you desire from Digital Operator Application, which is very easy to use, secure and free. You can do technological product shopping, bill payment, top-up and package purchase from Digital Operator Application. You can access to our special celebrations, reminders and offers from the Application. You can easily switch between Turkcell and Turkcell Pasaj worlds, enjoy the privilege of shopping with Turkcell Pasaj, and perform many transactions without logging in. The renewed Digital Operator Application is just a click away!

• Check Out Technology Shopping Offers with Turkcell Pasaj!
Turkey's first electronic marketplace Turkcell Pasaj is now in Digital Operator App. You can browse the discounted products and campaigns on the ‘Pasaj’ home page. You can easily access the product in any category from the Categories section, and track the status of your order from the Orders section. Smart phones, smartwatches, computers, tablets, household appliances, electrical appliances and many more products await you at Turkcell Pasaj.

• You Can Find All Functions Easily
You can easily access the transaction you want under related heading from the "Settings" section of Digital Operator Application. You can do all your application transactions such as new line application, Superbox application, fixed internet application and track application status from the "Subscriptions" section.

• You Can Review The Packages and Tariffs
It is very easy to change your package or tariff from Digital Operator. You can take a look at the special package and tariff offers in the “Packages” section.

• You Can Do Top-up and Get Packages
You can use Digital Operator for both top-up and package purchase operations. From the Packages screen, you can view both digital only offers and the offers special for you and do all the transactions regarding your package.

• Choose Your Surprise Gift with "Shake and Win"
You can participate in the ‘’Salla Kazan’’ campaign through the Digital Operator and get many gifts such as internet and digital services every week.

• You Can Follow Gifts From "Gift Pool"
You can see all the gifts you have earned and can earn from Turkcell via the Gift Pool. You can follow new campaigns, gifts and opportunities. You can start using your gifts at any time or share them with your beloved ones.

• Invoice Inquiry and Online Bill Payment Process
If you are a Turkcell postpaid line user, you can easily and securely make invoice inquiries and online bill payment transactions from Digital Operator. If you are a prepaid line user, you can track your TL status in the "TL Status" field and make top-up safely.

• You Can Request Support
In case you have a call and connection problem, you can make a status check from the ‘’Support’’ section. If the problem continues, you can report your problem by sending your location via Digital Operator. You can create a request by taking a photo of your document and sending it to us. You can also track the status of your requests and get answers to your questions by messaging with Turkcell Assistant.

• Discover the Features That Non-Turkcell Members Can Benefit From!
Even if you are not a Turkcell customer, you can still use Digital Operator free of charge. Other operator users can access the electronic products that they are looking for via Turkcell Pasaj. They can access many products from the smart phone category to the smartwatches category. They can benefit from installments up to 36 months and free shipping opportunities.
In addition, from Digital Operator, non-Turkcell customers can make top-up for the loved ones and send packages as gifts, pay Turkcell bills and discover all Turkcell applications. They can also transfer their lines to Turkcell or request a new line, make application for fixed internet and Superbox.



Digital Operator with new design, user friendly features!
· Access the functions easily, complete quickly
· Advantageous tech shopping on Turkcell Pasaj
· New Packages screen


Digital Operator with new design, user friendly features!
· Access the functions easily, complete quickly
· Advantageous tech shopping on Turkcell Pasaj
· New Packages screen


Postpaid customers who want to take over a line due to death, will be able to apply easily from the App by entering the required information, adding their id photos and approving the contracts from the "New Request" option on the Support screen.


With the welcome screen that will appear when you open the app, you will easily switch to Turkcell and to Turkey's first electronic marketplace Passage. Also, you will access some transactions without logging in from the welcome screen.


You haven't heard from us for a while. In this version, we have conducted our solution for push notifications problem.
We continue to make improvements on the Application for you. Keep in touch and stay healthy.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.9 / 5 - 1749 votes

by Shady BA,I would give it more stars if i know how to change the language to English, language choices should appear as the first step upon installing, i had to click every where wishing that it changed to English but never worked, if anyone knows how or where the option is located please let me know

by Lee O'Connor,You can change the language but that only works on the main menus, the rest is in Turkish. You cannot top up or buy packages through the app, you get a 404 page not found error. It's ridiculous that I cannot buy more data this way. I contacted them and they told me that I can pay by ringing the call center but only with a Turkish credit card. My only other option is to go to a Turkcell store, my nearest one is 30 mins drive away. Good job I have rented a car! Will go with Turk Telecom next time.

by Anne,Before digital operator, I was able to view my entire package with one click. Now, for each in content, I have to swipe. Also, this new design takes up too much space on the screen for little details. Taking too much of my time to be informed about my current package. Please change this design to be more practical. In addition, if possible, could y'all make the rest of the app in English as well? Would help with more products and more services selection options. Thx

by Suleyman Karabuk,The main use of this app is to make a payment. However this function does not work. You fill in everything thru 3 screens checking mysteriously sounding confirmations and finally the app throws a cryptic server not found error. I tried 5-6 times at different dates the last 6 weeks. The app is up to date. Still does not work. Apparently the only purpose this app serves is to display ads. It should be removed from the app store.

by Mehmet Fatih Bayraktar,who ever renewed and approved this new user interface screwed up big time. itvtakes 5-6 steps to check your useage and quotas. the application doesn't work with android 4 despite being a simple interface showing user quotas and quota usage. please fix ASAP. you managed to break an app that worked very well.

Technical Details

CategoryTools Apps
AuthorTurkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş
Latest Version14.0.1
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4+ (SDK 19)
Application IDcom.ttech.android.onlineislem

Older versions

Digital Operator 14.0.1 (147)

Added on: 2021-04-04

File Size: 36.8 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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Digital Operator 13.1 (145)

Added on: 2020-12-12

File Size: 36.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.3+ (SDK 18)

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Digital Operator 13.0 (144)

Added on: 2020-12-08

File Size: 36.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.3+ (SDK 18)

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Digital Operator 12.8 (142)

Added on: 2020-11-03

File Size: 33.8 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.3+ (SDK 18)

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Digital Operator 12.7 (141)

Added on: 2020-10-21

File Size: 33.8 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.3+ (SDK 18)

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Digital Operator 12.6 (139)

Added on: 2020-09-17

File Size: 33 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.3+ (SDK 18)

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