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Videos, images, text to PDF Create new PDF documents, presentations & much more

Version: 1.22

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Latest updates

What's new in version 1.22

- Complying with the obligatory new rules by Google and applying the needed changes for devices storage access for all supported android versions.
- Added a new function to make pdf presentations.
- Enhancements in the PDF Atelier.
- General usability enhancements.
- the app now supports android 7 and above.

App Description

What you can do with this application:

1- Make your own pdf pages design and create new documents or presentations in a minute.
2- Convert videos to PDF or images.
3- Play, annotate on educational videos or any videos to a pdf or images.
4- Capture, trim or merge screen videos, convert to a PDF or images.
5- Convert images to PDF.
6- Convert PDF to Images.
7 - Convert text to PDF.
8- Compress PDF documents.
9- Merge PDF documents.
10 - Divide (split) a PDF document.
11- Paint or Edit your own images and add transparent background.
12- Resize images singly or in batches.
13- Crop or Overlay images.
14- Extract Images from a PDF.
15- Convert GIF to PDF or images.
16- Remove or extract Pages from a PDF document.
17- Edit the PDF document pages in a Canvas.

* Our application doesn’t use servers, doesn't have subscriptions or in-app purchases, doesn't need internet, pay once and it will fully work offline whenever you will need it, this also means that you will be eliminating any risk to stop using it in the future plus full privacy.

*Design and create a PDF document anywhere any time in one minute.

*Add white or colored background for your page, add any photo as the new PDF page background or append photos separately to your design, add full text, color it, choose your font from a set of fonts and control its size and style or use the brush for your hand writing, choose and append from the included Stickers, forms, Emojis, wallpapers....your creativity is the main asset and this is the tool.

*Very easy to use add your item, resize or rotate it by two fingers drag it to your preferred position in the document by one finger press a button to get your document/s, just think in your design and go.

*Organize and add any kind or number of Images or as long text as you want to a PDF document or split all of a PDF document pages into images or smaller pdfs.

*Merge any amount of your created pages, or merge hundreds of PDF documents in one PDF document with our merge tool in seconds.

*Divide a PDF document to smaller parts in seconds.

*Compress generated PDF documents using our compression tool up to 10% from its original size.

*Use the application built-in 'images picker' to choose and control numbering for images inside the PDF, you can choose from multiple folders in the same time or if you prefer you can use original android or any external file manager to choose which photos will be appended to the PDF document.

*Use the 'Paint' function to paint your own images, overlay other images, add watermark, Brush, add colored background, add Text, cut(crop), rotate, add emoji, add stickers, draw with transparent lines using your finger or make parts of your image transparent automatically or even add a totally transparent background.

*Save your paintings to your device as a photo or a PDF document.

*Resize images in batches from 1 to 9000 pixels even if they have transparent background.

*Crop images, Rotate Images

- You can make PDF pages with your design from scratch in one minute using our PDF atelier function.
- You can convert online courses/ lectures/ videos/ books/ tweets/ photos/ social media feeds or photos, your chats or any kind of screen shots or text, to a PDF document.
- Make your history, let it be available for your grandchildren, Save your photos in "one" PDF document, you will never lose photos again.
- Share all of your trip or events photos or back them up in a single PDF file.
- Store any number of photos to one file you can merge PDFs even it will be in Gigabytes size.
- Split OR Summarize your PDFs, take the very important pages to another PDF document.
- Write or paste any amount of Text using your language or any other language to a PDF in seconds.
- Scanned documents will be easier to review in a PDF document.
- Summarize important books in one PDF file.
- Convert a text PDF document to an Images PDF to prevent text editing.
- Super easy, select Images or a PDF then press one button to do its function.



- While merging educational videos and instead of just notifying users about not supported video tracks, the app now will try to fix them.
- Text to pdf will hold the text if the application pushed to the background for any reason, text won't be deleted from the app unless the user saves it to a pdf, delete it or exit the function or the application.


- Added new function to add annotations on a video.
- Added new function to trim a screen video.
- Added new function to merge screen videos.


- Performance enhancements in the PDF adjuster and PDF atelier functions.


- Added new "PDF ADJUSTER" find it inside PDF WORX.
- Performance enhancements.


- Added a new function to enable users to remove or extract pages instantly from a pdf document without the need to convert it to images or splitting it -- located inside PDFWORX.
- Remove pages was already added to the app 2 days ago but according to users recommendations this function was totally reengineered and enhanced in this release.
- Added new --> Users can now share multiple pdf files with the app for merge.
- Italian Language pack enhancements.
- Some performance enhancements.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.5 / 5 - 1926 votes

by Bernie LaFazia,Absolutely excellent the versatile PDF application I've ever seen or used in 20 years! Definitely worth paying for.

by Daniel Moore,Almost perfect. I wish it were friendly to Landscape mode, because I use my Tab S7 Tablet for the app. However, using it in Dex mode solves the issue for me, which is when I'm most likely to use it. Does everything it claims. The reason I went with this app is because you can turn off the internal picker and use your own file manager! Having over 100,000 images on my tablet makes things impossible to locate if you can't use a file manager. THANKS!

by Adam g,Amazing app, if it edit and signed, it would be the perfect all in one PDF app, maybe something to consider in the future, but apart from that this PDF app coverts awesomely and took the place of a few apps. Thanks well done 👍🏻

by S.K.M,I was looking for alternative to iPad apps like marginnote 3 and moviemarkup, to take notes from videos into pdf, and only this app comes close on android. Thanks developer, plz add feature to extract only specific images into pdf while playing videos, like we pause and annotate on video itself with S-pen or stylus then only that image is embedded in pdf, similar to moviemarkup app on iPad. Thanks.

by abdicated prince,It's not bad. But there are free alternatives that provide better compression for pdfs. I see a lot of room for improvement

Technical Details

CategoryTools Apps
Latest Version1.22
CompatibilityAndroid 6.0+ (SDK 23)
Application IDcom.org.jvp7.accumulator_pdfcreator

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Accumulator PDF creator 1.22 (53)

Added on: 2020-12-12

File Size: 36.9 MB

Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (SDK 23)

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Accumulator PDF creator 1.18 (48)

Added on: 2020-10-20

File Size: 36.6 MB

Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (SDK 23)

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Accumulator PDF creator 1.16 (47)

Added on: 2020-10-17

File Size: 36.5 MB

Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (SDK 23)

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