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The Health Insurance Service is organized so that the public can easily and quickly access a lot of information on the main contents of the official website.

Version: 10.7

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App Description

In order to improve the service to the public, we opened a single integrated mobile app (The Health Insurance) that improved convenience and accessibility by reorganizing civil service and contents that were distributed among the three apps: M Health Insurance, Health iN, and Smart Health UP.

The'Health iN' app and the'Dong-Dk Health UP' app that you have been using will be integrated into the National Health Insurance Corporation's representative mobile app (The Health Insurance) from November 2, 2020.

In order to use the National Health Insurance Service's mobile service, you can download the'The Health Insurance' app after November 2, 2020, and you can use more health insurance services along with the existing services.

The'The Health Insurance' app service has been configured so that you can easily use personal civil service with your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

★ In case of installation/update error, delete Play Store data and install The Health Insurance app
* Method: Settings → Application (app information) → play store → Storage space → Delete data

1. Complaint here
-Five types of certificates, such as a certificate of qualification acquisition and a confirmation of insurance premium payment, can be faxed to the submitting institution.
-You can use services such as insurance premium inquiry/payment, refund inquiry/application, and health insurance benefits you received.

2. Health iN
-You can check information such as health checkup, treatment and medication history of me and my family (infants).
-As a result of health checkup, customized health information is provided for 24 weeks through analysis of collected health data by risk factors for metabolic syndrome and by individual.
-You can diagnose health status and predict disease risk based on the results of health checkup.

3. Long-term care insurance
-You can use various long-term care civil petition services, such as applying for long-term care certification and checking service usage details.

4. Customer Center
-You can register counseling articles, chat counseling, and sign language counseling services for the hearing and speech impaired so that you can resolve inquiries and complaints.
-In order to create a people-centered industrial complex, we are operating a national proposal and public discussion room.
-Reports/suggestions for efficient budget operation and reduction of National Health Insurance, and unfairly requested medical care institutions and long-term care institutions can be reported.

5. Other
-You can check my health insurance information at a glance on My Page, and set my custom menu to use as your own mobile app.
-You can use various login methods such as fingerprint and simple password, and automatic login function that does not require logging in every time.

App access permission guide
-Storage space: Stores the certificate with device photo, media, and file access rights, and is used to check whether the OS has been altered to enhance security.

-Location: Used to search for surrounding information such as searching for hospitals and clinics and branch offices.
-Microphone: Used for sign language consultation connection and voice search.
-Camera: Used to connect sign language counseling.
-Bluetooth: Used to register blood pressure, blood sugar, and step count data.

If you are using a smartphone with a version less than Android 6.0, there is a problem that the user may not be able to selectively consent to the optional access rights of The Health Insurance app. It is recommended to upgrade the smartphone operating system to Android 6.0 or higher using the update function. In addition, even if the operating system is upgraded, the access rights agreed to by the existing apps do not change, so in order to re-establish access rights, you must delete and reinstall the app you have already installed.

-Homepage: https://www.nhis.or.kr
-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nhis.korea
-Instagram: https://www.instargram.com/nhis_korea
-Naver Blog: https://blog.naver.com/nhicblog



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Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.7 / 5 - 5650 votes

by RusticKey,There is no English option for foreign students. Even if it is just rudimentary English it will help a lot. You can also consider auxillary or supplementary documents as a visual guide.

by Martin LibTec,I got this recommend as an international studend, but the application is Korean only and it requires me to install extra unnecessary antivirus software which would just needlessly slow down my phone. That's where I stopped. Whoever designed this app clearly has now idea what he's doing.

by Student Life in Korea,Why Only korean language is used? There should be an option of international language also or atleast English.

by Yunki,Why the hell is it in korean??? If you're recommending it to international students then plz add english too..

by Qoima Mustaghfiroh,Why no english? Mandatory for foreigner but no english. Very disappointed.

Technical Details

CategoryHealth & Fitness Apps
Latest Version10.7
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+ (SDK 21)
Application IDkr.or.nhic

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