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Shoot targets with an RPG

Version: 0.454

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What's new in version 0.454

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App Description

Shoot an RPG at enemies, buildings, cars, helicopters and anything you like.



* Physics and levels update


* New levels
* Bug fixes


* New levels
* Bug fixes


Level polish


Level polish

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.3 / 5 - 4607 votes

by Chris Bennell,Just a vehicle for showing ads. Most levels just take one shot and then you have to sit through an ad before the next level. The game is intentionally made easy to force the player to watch as many ads as possible. Its a shame as it could be really fun. If the levels were more difficult and you could pay to remove the ads then it would be worth the download.

by Brett Moss,Probably one of the worst games I have tryed to play poor graphics and so easy it's pointless, and to make maters worse because I won't submit to allowing them to collect data which I have the right to do they put a big sign right across the game always reminding you to let them . And the adds after each game are harendous. Not worth downloading this game.

by Charlene Ham,Could be a good game but theres a damn ad every single time you do anything. End of round you can watch an ad to increase the reward but if you choose no thanks guess what you get to watch an ad anyway! On top of the ads the game is a bit laggy. I am uninstalling due to the ads. Let me know if you get the ads under control & i can enjoy the game & i'll consider reinstalling. Until then see ya bye.

by Nick Finan,DONT BOTHER. Looked excellent then i spotted the deliberate spoiler. Unless you are willing to give these guys FULL access to your phone or tablet they stick a BIG banner right across the screen almost rendering the game useless. It is a shame as the game looks not too bad apart from that and the fact after EVERY round ends u have to wait 4 seconds whilst the choice to watch an advert is displayed across the whole screen. Sorry but in my opinion this game is nothing short of a waste of time.

by Jürgen Henze,ADslinger with the typical lion studios beg and nag banner if you refuse data theft and sellout. As with jt sniper and other generic games of that type, your toon stands around and waits to be shot. Once you fire the first shot, every enemy starts shooting back. Pseudophysics are ok so far as most buildings consist of small cubes so unsupported parts will collapse. Downside is ememy bullets passing through buildings and rubble. Needs a lot of game refinement and a lot less ADnoyance greediness.

Technical Details

CategoryPuzzle Games
AuthorBlaster Studio
Latest Version0.454
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4+ (SDK 19)
Application IDapp.blaster.mr.rpg

Older versions

Mrs RPG 0.454 (128)

Added on: 2021-03-04

File Size: 129.5 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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Mrs RPG 0.442 (122)

Added on: 2021-02-17

File Size: 129.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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Mrs RPG 0.428 (110)

Added on: 2021-02-11

File Size: 129.2 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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Mrs RPG 0.425 (108)

Added on: 2021-02-06

File Size: 128.5 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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Mrs RPG 0.410 (68)

Added on: 2021-01-26

File Size: 108.6 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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Mrs RPG 0.291 (46)

Added on: 2021-01-22

File Size: 106.3 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (SDK 19)

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